There are numerous ways in which you can help:

Regular donations:

Support our projects through a one-time or regular donation. This supports the basic organization of the Gestalt education and enables us to give practical support where needed.

  • I want to give a monthly donation of … euro (starting from 10 euro every month)



Adopt a student:

There are 2 possibilities. The costs for a 1 year training for 1 student is about 600 euro a year. The student pay 200 euro him selves, which is a huge amount of money for him. So most students need a scholarship of at least 400 euro a year. In case a student is not able to pay, this student needs a scholarship of 600 euro a year.

So you can adopt a student with a donation of 400 euro or of 600 euro a year. You can transfer this monthly if you wish. That means: 12 x 33,33 euro or 12 x 50 euro.

  • I want to adopt a student for 400 euro a year
  • I want to adopt a student for 600 euro a year



Become an ambassador:

Organize a concert or a charity run for the education or a specific humanitarian project: a scholarship for Gestalt students, or one of the projects of ‘Care for the forgotten people’ as there are: reconstruction of a house for a specific family, providing winter clothes for children so that they are able to go to school, organizing a library for a small school in the mountains, etc.



Practical help:

  • Each year Just Solidarity organizes several events to collect money. We always need volunteers to give us a practical hand. Just let us know if you are available for that.
  • Do you have any practical skills or knowledge to organize? Just let us know  what you want to offer or invest. We are open for your contribution or creative suggestion.




The board members take every opportunity to promote the projects, sell Nepalese goods or collect money. We were present at every conference and presentation day of the Gestalt institutes or Gestalt organizations.

Besides this friends and sympathizers are taking action in organizing charity fundraisers as there are: a sale of biological products, an art sale, concerts, an auction, …

Would you like to help us out? Let us know what you want to organize!

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Charity fundraisers to come:


  • 11th of March: concert with the Melpomene choir – Antwerp (Belgium)




  • 25th of June: Belgische Saffraan organizes the 3rd charity event in Morkhoven (Belgium)
  • 21st of May: the board of Just Solidarity organizes an auction in Antwerp (Belgium)


  • June: Belgische Saffraan: 2nd charity event on the farm in Morkhoven (Belgium)
  • September: Marijke Elzenga organized a concert ‘From England with Love’ in Haarlem (The Netherlands)
  • September: Presentation at the International Gestalt Conference in Italy


  • June: Belgische Saffraan organized a sale and event on their farm in Morkhoven (Belgium)
  • November: Thijs and Claire  Bossevain organized a concert and art sale in their home in Gouda (The Netherlands)


Thank you for your support!

The voluntary work of an international team of professional Gestalt teachers and trainers and the support of our donors have enabled us to organize the Gestalt Education since 2011 for more than 40 Nepalese psychologists and social workers and provide practical help after the earthquakes in 2015. We continue to depend on personal and financial support for our educational projects and small humanitarian projects in Nepal. We hope you will keep supporting Just Solidarity in the future!


Donations account:

Just Solidarity vzw
Bank: BNPParisbas Fortis,
IBAN: BE12 0013 4583 5792
International Swiftcode: GEBABEBB36a