Just Solidarity is a Belgian foundation that supports financially:

  • educational projects in developing countries, such as Gestalt Institute Nepal
  • small scale humanitarian projects: Care for the forgotten people


Team in Belgium Teams in Kathmandu, Nepal  
Anne, Christel, Sonia, Bruno and Greet. They do the fundraising and take care of the funds, organize and support charity events, visit and monitor the local projects 4 times a year. They form a bridge between the sponsors an those who are helped by Just Solidarity. Minakshi Rana and Nima Sherpa, responsable for Gestalt Institute Nepal


Binaya Rana, treasure holder of Care for the forgotten people and Minakshi Rana, coordinator of the projects


A brief history: How Gestalt ended up in Nepal

In 2011 the teachers of Multidimens (Gestalt institute working in Belgium and the Netherlands for more than 35 years  until 2016) were invited by Mr. Shambar Thapa to give a Gestalt workshop in Kathmandu and to help him to build up a psychotherapy education for psychologists and social workers.

In 2012 they started in Gestalt Institute Nepal with a group of 20 students. In March 2017 12 students graduated. In March 2016 and 2017  a second and third group started, each with 15 students.
6 graduates are following a training to become a trainer themselves.

Just Solidarity  grew from the Scholarship Fund of Multidimens. This fund has provided scholarships and loans to the Gestalt students in Belgium, the Netherlands and Nepal. The work shifted from Belgium and Holland to Nepal and after closing Multidimens Institute in June 2016, the name of this Scholarship Fund was changed into JUST SOLIDARITY.
After the earthquakes in Nepal in 2015 the tasks were spontaneously extended to helping the needy. Together with the Nepalese students we started ‘Care for the forgotten people’.


What does support mean to Just Solidarity?

People deserve opportunities!
Support in dialogue!

An important point of view in donating and supporting students in Belgium, the Netherlands and Nepal has always been to support a person’s autonomy and responsibility. But people deserve also opportunities and dialogue is as important! What support is needed? What can they do themselves? What can we offer? What are the perspectives also in our relationship? Supporting is not the same as taking over.

Therefore we cooperate in Nepal with a local team, people we have known and trusted for a long time. They know the situation from the inside, speak the language, know the institutions, their possibilities and limitations.
In short, these are important criteria:

  • stimulating autonomy
  • contradiction and ownership
  • not smothering ownership by too much control
  • support in dialogue
  • support by solidarity and gifts, rather than structural  financial support.
  • justice rather than charity

The name of the foundation expresses this excellently: JUST SOLIDARITY!