Because people deserve opportunities!

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‘When you see the world as broken,
You want to fix it.
When you see the world as needy,
You want to help.
When you see the world as a whole,
You want to serve!’

Projects we support You can support us! Finances and action Who are we?
 Projects we support You can support us! Finances Who are we?
Just Solidarity supports educational projects and organizes small humanitarian actions. We rely on donations, e.g. monthly or via a sale of biological products, an art sale, concerts, an auction, … There are several ways to assist us. You can donate, become an ambassador or lend a hand. The Belgian and Nepalese teams ensure the fundraising and take care of the Institute and help Nepalese people after the earthquakes.



Charity fundraisers to come:


  • 11th of March: concert with the Melpomene choir – Antwerp (Belgium)


‘By solidarity we mean to support those who suffer by basic help: food, shelter, clothes, education.  We presume that the self-esteem of those in need will grow when they experience our support. Thus we hope to stimulate their autonomy and motivation, so that they may find the power to take responsibility for their own destination again.’