Just Solidarity is a humanitarian relief organization. It is financed through public funds, private donations and by financial contributions from companies, organizations, and inheritances.

Since 2017 the Gestalt  Institute Nepal is growing and the costs of the 4 year Gestalt education is about 9000 euro a year. The contribution of all the students (when they are able to pay) is about 2700 euro. The rest is financed by Just Solidarity and by the personal contribution of the trainers.

For the humanitarian projects, Just Solidarity has chosen not to support in a structural way but to finance projects according the money which is available and specifically provided by the donors for a certain project. 2015: shelters for Nepal; 2016: bricks for Nepal. The winterprojects: shoes and coats for children of 2 basic schools; blankets for the children of the Runrise Childrenshome.

A few times a year the donators and sympathizers are informed by a newsletter.

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